What Hardware is Right for You?

Choosing hardware to complement your interiors should not be a frustrating and difficult exercise.  You have spent hours shopping for the perfect curtains to complement your windows, the last thing you want is to agonize over a finial - the decorative piece at the end of the pole.

Accessorizing your curtain panels with the bling that is hardware can add the wonderful decorative touch that finishes your window treatment.  Poles and finials can be truly decorative, sleek or simple but you should take into consideration the feeling of the room. A man's study's hardware shouldn't look overly delicate and in the same vein, a woman's dressing room shouldn't sport heavy and thick poles. However, a thin, black metal rod would look fabulous in a modern setting AND a rustic one.

At Classic Curtains & Interiors, we will take into account your interiors and taste to edit out the options and leave you with a clear choice to finish off your window treatment.
Once chosen, what is the best placement for the hardware? If you have low ceilings, the higher you can go the better as it adds height to the room. What if I have very high ceilings? This is where our interior designers can help you. We will place it at the optimum height so to highlight the window, not the empty wall space.

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